Do I need any special equipment to be set up for streaming?
In order to be set up, you will need a laptop, a DAW (Logic, Ableton, Rekordbox or similar), an audio interface/sound card. You will be asked to download 3 pieces of software ahead of your soundcheck that are all free and have been tested by the Smiley Sound team.
Will this affect my recording set up?
Not at all. The setup that we provide can be used with your setup or be swapped over very easily.
Can I stream to more than one platform at a time?
Yes! However if you want to stream to Instagram Live, then you will only be able to stream to that platform. We are working on a way to include Instagram in a multi-platform stream and will keep you posted.
Can I look at the comments on my phone while streaming to Instagram?
You will be unable to view the comments from your Instagram account on your phone while you are streaming from your computer. In order to access the comments in real time you will need to view the stream from a guest account.
Does this setup work for Mac and Windows?
At the moment we don’t have a setup available for Windows users but we are currently figuring out a solution.